DIY Dollhouse Wooden Miniature Furniture with LED

This is a perfectly designed DIY kit that requires your hands-on work to complete.

• 【Exquisite Mini House and Eco-Friendly Materials】Our diy doll house is very well made, using a miniature scale of about 1:24.

• 【English Instruction with Illustration】Cute and Amazing Mini Garden House, English Assembly Instructions with detailed illustration and picture.

• 【Dollhouse Light】Decorate your room,tables and showcases after finishing the kit. It's more beautiful when turning on the light.

• 【Educational Toys】 Stress reliever for adults. Ignite imagination and a sense of wonder in boys and girls. Inspire open-ended thinking, Encourage kids hand to eye coordination, concentration, and an understanding of spatial relationships and to see new possibilities. Prefect family game, especially fit adults and children to play it together.

• 【Safe, Non-Toxic, Highest Quality Material】Suitable for 14 years and upwards.

This kit is high quality we used everything in it no need to buy anything else to build(Expect Battery). Instructions very easy to understand. You can set up your rooms in a variety of different ways.It has turned into a wonderful hobby for adults to work on. It contents the following things:

  • All furniture and things shown in the pictures.(Need to DIY)
  • LED lights
  • Pigment
  • A bottle of glue
  • Brush,Tweezers and some other little tools
  • Instruction of assemble process


1. Please prepare batteries because it is not permitted to ship by Air;
2. The DIY dollhouse need you to assemble it by yourself, the inside of the package are several bags of things, you have to glue the material together.


•Twine the rope around the wire and paste.

• The wire can be fold as a hand shank of a water breaker.

• Twine and paste khaki wire on the little box.

• You can put green plants into the box.

• Fold the paper and bend the opening with tweezers.

• You can make 2 paper bags and pack seeds into the bags.